Food Labeling

According to all global food safety regulations, food labeling must not be misleading to customers and the public. This is why clear and accurate labeling is essential for regulatory compliance, consumer trust, and most importantly for the protection of public health, more especially for high-risk individuals including the vulnerability due to age, pre and post-medical conditions, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy, children and infants, as well as people suffering from allergy conditions.

Key Benefits

Market Expansion

Accurate Information

Consumer Trust

Compliance Assurance

At Fresh Group, we offer comprehensive Food Labeling Services to ensure your products meet all food labeling legal requirements while effectively communicating crucial information to your customers.

Food Labeling Support Include:

Regulatory Compliance: Our team of experts will do continuous research to stay up-to-date with the latest food labeling regulations and requirements for your food products. We will review and evaluate your product formulation and labels to ensure they comply with local and international standards.

Nutritional Analysis: We provide accurate nutritional analysis to determine the content of macronutrients, micronutrients, and calories in your food products. This information is essential for creating precise nutrition facts panels on your labels.

Allergen Declarations: Our specialists will help you identify and declare any allergens present in your food products. We ensure that allergen information is prominently displayed, reducing the risk or eliminating the possibility of allergic reactions in your customers and regulatory violations.

Ingredient Listings: We review and verify the accuracy of your ingredient listings to guarantee that all components are correctly identified, including any additives or preservatives.

Country-Specific Labeling: If your products are exported or sold in multiple countries, we assist in creating labels that comply with each nation’s unique labeling requirements.

Health Claims and Marketing Claims: We evaluate and validate any health or marketing claims on your product labels to ensure they are substantiated and in compliance with regulations.

Label Design Consultation: If needed, we can guide label design, helping you create labels that are not only informative but also visually appealing to your customers.

Benefits of our Food Labeling Services:

Compliance Assurance

We help you avoid possible legal issues and hefty fines by ensuring your food product labels meet all relevant and required regulations.

Consumer Trust

Accurate and transparent labeling builds trust with your customers, enhancing brand reputation.

Market Expansion

Facilitate the export of your products by complying with international labeling requirements.

Accurate Information

Provide consumers with precise information about the nutritional content and allergens in your food products thereby allowing customers and the public make

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At Fresh Group , we understand the intricate details of food labeling, and we are committed to helping your brand maintain compliance, transparency, and consumer confidence.

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