Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Programs (Coming Soon)

In today’s global food industry, adhering to stringent food safety standards is paramount. Fresh Group specializes in the implementation of Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) programs, helping your business achieve and maintain internationally recognized standards for food safety and quality.

Key Benefits

Global Market Access

Enhanced food Safety

Brand Reputation

Regulatory Compliance

Our GFSI Program Implementation Services:

Program Selection: We assist in selecting the most suitable GFSI benchmarked standard for your organization, such as BRCGS, SQF, FSSC 22000, or others.

Gap Analysis: Our experts perform comprehensive gap analyses to identify areas in which your current food safety systems and practices need improvement to meet GFSI requirements.

Standard Implementation: We guide you through the process of implementing the chosen GFSI standard, helping you create and maintain systems and processes that meet its stringent criteria.

Documentation and Record-Keeping: We support the development and management of the required documentation and records to demonstrate compliance with the GFSI standard.

Training: We provide GFSI training programs to educate your team on the requirements and best practices necessary for compliance.

Internal Audits: We assist in conducting internal audits to evaluate your progress and ensure readiness for GFSI certification audits.

Benefits of Our GFSI Program Implementation

Global Market Access

GFSI certification enhances your ability to enter international markets, increasing your business opportunities.

Enhanced food Safety

Implementing GFSI programs promotes the highest standards of food safety and quality, reducing the risk of contamination and recalls.

Brand Reputation

GFSI certification demonstrates a commitment to food safety and builds trust with consumers, while strengthening your brand reputation.

Regulatory Compliance

GFSI standards often exceed regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of legal issues.

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Fresh Group is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain GFSI certification, ensuring the safety and quality of your food products and expanding your market reach.

Contact us today to discuss how our GFSI Program Implementation services can be customized to meet your unique needs and uphold the highest standards of food safety and compliance.

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